Are the Stats the are posting in these Chances Threads real or fake

<p>So I'm looking at the chances threads for the Ivy Leagues and i'm just wondering if they are real or not.</p>

<p>most of them probably are.</p>

<p>Yes, self-aggrandizement does frequently occur on this website. However, a good deal of the information on the chance threads is true.</p>

<p>if if some of them are fake they still give you the general picture of a harvard student's application and what it takes to get in so its all good ;]</p>

<p>No, they give you a picture of the super obsessive college confidential applicant. Please don't compare yourself to these people.</p>

<p>^^For that, use the decision threads instead. They're a little more reliable. Most of the people who chance others with utter confidence were also asking to be chanced themselves-- I don't think you should base the likelihood of your admission chances on these posts :P.</p>

<p>Sometimes, you can tell whether a chance thread is fake by the tone of the posts. Also, trolls usually have few previous posts and they stop posting once they don't get enough responses.</p>