Are the transcripts sent in the school report or the international supplement?

I am an international student and our counselor is unexperienced.
He asked me if he should upload the transcript grades in the school report or the international supplement.
In fact, I am currently in senior year and every trimester we have a transcript and a final transcript at the end of each year. So, I have 3 old transcripts!
Are these transcripts to be uploaded(jus the last one) in the school report ? Or should they be uploaded inth international supplementt(the 3 last transcripts) ?

<p>I'm sorry I can't help you I'm an international student but can you tell me I don't know what to put in the current year courses part it asks for
Full year/first semester/first trimester
Second Semester/ Second Trimester
Third Trimester (or additional first/second term courses if more space is needed)</p>

<p>In portugal it's the transcript from the last trimester that counts. My counselor uploaded them both in the school report and in the international supplement.</p>