Are the USCs as bad as everyone says?

I was thinking of applying to some UCs and CSUs but I’m thinking of going to PA school after graduation. However, I’ve seen many posts on here saying that CSUs are not good schools if I choose to go down that route. I’d like to hear your opinions on the california states universities. Which ones are the better ones?

The CSUs are good schools, made better by in-state tuition. IIRC SJSU is good for CS due to its close proximity to Silicon Valley, and Cal Poly SLO rivals UC Davis/Santa Cruz for life-sciences.

As a California resident, you’re likely eligible for admission to your local CSU. This document provides some info:

My niece is a Junior at San Diego State and planning to apply to PA school. The Cal states are an affordable option for Undergrad and then PA school.
I would recommend San Diego State, CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, San Jose State, Cal Poly Pomona and SLO.

Getting a competitive GPA and access to direct patient contact are important. Also research the Pre-Professional advising centers at each campus. Here is the link for SDSU Pre-Professional programs:

Academically, all of the CA public 4 years offer a solid education to students pursuing both professional and academic careers . Student experience and selectivity however varies widely.

What’s your status, qualifications and budget? And - what are you looking for in your student experience?

Honestly, I’m not looking for too much. I simply want to go to a school where I can get a good education and a school that is not looked down upon. However, since I’m thinking of going to PA school, I want the school to have research opportunities, internships, etc. Basically, I’m just looking for a college that will help me on my path to PA school.

For PA school, you need direct patient contact hours so Research is not a preferred EC option. The majority of Cal states are very good schools and getting the grades and required EC’s are more about you and not the school you attend. You will need to be proactive in searching out these opportunities so apply to schools where you think you will thrive academically, socially and financially.

Best of luck.

what are your stats and budget?

OP has a few discussions going regarding chances at the UC’s and Santa Clara for Pre-Med.

@cereallzz: As long as you have a good balanced college list, you are going to have several options from which to choose in the Spring so include some top CSU’s on your list.

You will be fine since studies have shown students “bloom where planted”.

With those stats you should be competitive at most colleges in CA.

You’ve got a good shot at Santa Clara, as far as privates, LMU and USD would also be good targets.

UCs are tough to predict this year, especially for people with solid stats like yours. (test changes plus the gap year and deferrals is just too much to infer at this point) Apply to any that appeal to you. My favorites are UCSC and UCSB.

Cal States - SDSU, CPSLO, CPP, CSULB, in the south and Sonoma and Chico up north.

At this point, apply a bunch of places and see what happens. Pick the one that feels right to you…

good luck