Are there a lot of the "dbag" type of college students here?

<p>I know no one really posts here, this is the only one on the page. But if there is anybody out there reading this, I want to know if there is a certain kind of person at this school.</p>

<p>What comes with a college with a 90% acceptance rate, are people who just want to coast through. The stereotypical person who joins a frat, doesn't care, and parties. I am not 100% sure there are a lot of people like this who exist, but I do personally know these kinds of people, they just don't go to KU. So, in your experience there, will I be seeing a lot of dbags in my classes (which I don't want at all), or are most people well mannered and intelligent? I may not be going here, it's just a safety, but I might go somewhere else if I don't like the people here.</p>

<p>Hello! I’m entering KU in the fall but I live near Kansas City so I know a lot of people at KU/ who are entering in the fall. The answer is yes and no. There are ****** bags at every college. Like with any frat, there will be those kind of guys. However, KU is also a public state school which means SO MUCH DIVERSITY. Unlike with the majority of people at Ivy Leagues, the kids here come from all walks of life. I know a lot of people at KU who are genuinely nice and intelligent. For some, KU was a back up school but they are certainly capable of going to an Ivy. For others, they are less intelligent and they will slack off. There will come a point when they realize they need to buckle down. If you are looking for people who are more academically oriented, I would suggest applying to the Honors Program. I will be a part of it next fall and I hear it is great. With this, you can take honor classes which tend to be smaller and filled with hard-working individuals. There are seriously so many kinds of people at KU: geniuses, slackers, althetes, theatre kids, hippies, etc. There will be a lot of tools and party kids, but there will be a whole lot more nice, down to earth people. It will also depend on what activities you become a part of. There are some frats geared towards things like engineering frats that are not your stereotypical frats. I can’t guarantee that you won’t have people in your classes that you described, because you will, but know that they are only a small fraction of the population. I hope I helped!</p>

<p>At every school, KU, Ivy Leagues, etc., you’re going to have a mix of different types of people. At KU, sure we have a lot of people in frats, but you can’t judge people simply based on one organization they’re involved in. I’m going to be a senior in the fall, and yes, there are a lot of idiots here, but you can choose your own path and choose not to associate with these types of students. </p>

<p>If you end up at KU, your classes will have a mix of students - even if you’re in the Honors Program or take honors classes. Luckily, in higher-level classes, they mostly disappear, usually because they didn’t manage to pass the pre-reqs, or choose majors like Communication Studies or African American Studies (like most of the basketball team). In my experience, even in my large classes, I haven’t had to deal with an overwhelming number of these type of people in my classes. There are usually one or two in the smaller gen-ed discussion-style classes, but in the larger classes, you won’t notice them (except that they make up the lower part of the curve)</p>

<p>And if you’re still worried, KU is working on that part of its reputation, with slightly higher admissions requirements coming through in a year or two.</p>