are there any CCs in Orange County offering calculus for winter?

<p>anyone know of any?</p>

<p>Irvine Valley College in Irvine, CA</p>

<p>check ELAC and PCC. they both are offerin winter sections but i dont know of they have the class you want.</p>

<p>IVC is actually one of the community college's that is not impacted because they are located in a rich suburb area -- the community around it pay high taxes to support their kids into getting the classes in order to graduate on time, transfer, and etc. You see 19-year old kids driving $100,000 cars.</p>

<p>I don't think IVC has a winter intersession.</p>

<p>Yeah i just checked and apparently they've never offered winter classes.</p>

<p>any options besides SMC? Only cc that i know of that offer calc for winter.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm taking a course at IVC and they haven't offered winter for a while, although they have one of the strongest summer sessions in socal. If you really need the class, I'm more than positive that Riverside Community College District will offer it--the closest to you will probably be Norco.</p>

<p>The UC Berkeley Extension offers Calculus as two of their online courses. It is the same as Math 1A and Math 1B as tought on the UCB campus. You have six months to complete 13 problem sets and a proctored final exam for each course. The textbook used is "Calculus, Early Transcendentals", 6th or 7th edition, by James Stewart. The credits are accepted by and transferable to all of the UCs and CSUs and most private universities.</p>