Are there any elite English speaking universities in Western Europe?

<p>I was wondering if Western Europe has any elite universities besides Oxford & Cambridge.
I speak English and by college application time I will be near fluent/ proficient in Italian (I hope). I mean elite like close to American Ivy elite or at least equal to Standford, Johns Hopkins, or Carnegie Mellon. Will they have international financial aid? Also, I'm interested in Engineering, Foreign Languages, & Political Science.</p>

<p>When I read "or at least Standford"... Well, it hurt.</p>

<p>ICL, UCL, Zurich</p>

<p>Stanford, along with UCB, have the top two English programs in the nation. Beats the "Ivy elite" Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, and Princeton by a long shot, incomparable to JHU, and in a completely different league than Carnegie Mellon.</p>

<p>UCL, Warwick, Durham, Bristol, Edinburgh, King's and York are all excellent for English. </p>

<p>British universities are quite expensive for international students, usually 4 to 5 times the local rate. However, students coming from the EU enjoy the same rates as the lcoal students, making tuitions substantially lower compared to other international students.</p>

<p>Seems people misunderstood the OP lol. He meant are their excellents schools in Western Europe. Well RML has stated a significant number of them. Throw in Imperial, LSE, EPFL, ETH Zurich, Sciences Po and a list of others. Its impossible to know if a british school is equal to an Ivy league elite</p>