Are there any gyms/workout places?

<p>I was wondering if there are any facilities where people can go workout, I looked for YMCA locations near the school and couldn't find any. </p>

<p>Does anyone know of any type of place, either provided by the school or where membership is required?</p>

<p>There are several on campus. The students just stupidly voted down a major new replacement for the Nat.
The Shell
and the Nat</p>

<p>UW-Rec</a> Sports</p>

<p>UW-Rec</a> Sports</p>

<p>UW-Rec</a> Sports</p>

<p>Just present your student ID card ('Wiscard') for admittance. The cost of the facilities is included in the segregated fees that you pay along with tuition each semester, whether you take advantage of them or not.</p>

<p>Ya we have a couple options on campus, though in my opinion they are not THAT nice... I mean they get the job done and are perfectly fine for getting your sweat on, but any large university I've been to has much nicer facilities. SERF needs to get their workout room out of the basement because windows would be a nice change...</p>

<p>Honestly I'm fine with Nat Up being voted down. The only people I know who actually use Nat are students that live in Lakeshore. It would be a much wiser use of money in my opinion to either refurb, destruct/rebuild, or move SERF as the majority of students (In my observations) use this one. I don't know the quality of Nat as I haven't really used it, but SERF could certainly use some work. I know nothing is going to change in my time as a student here, but hopefully they make some changes to SERF in the next decade.</p>

<p>I lived on Lakeshore for two years, and the Nat was just fine. The equipment is in decent shape - it's certainly not all brand-spanking new, but it's taken care of. I've never gone to the SERF, but I was under the impression that it was renovated not too long ago. The Nat has not been renovated since its original construction. Yes, the Nat needs attention more immediately than the SERF does, but now is not the time. I voted against NatUp (the moniker for the renovation campaign) and I do not believe it was a stupid decision. We're paying for Union South right now, do you really think that we'd be eager to take on more segregated fees (or rather, subject future students to them)? No thanks.</p>

The students just stupidly voted down a major new replacement for the Nat.


<p>The tried to bypass the student votes by subjecting the fees on future students. If you want to fix the Nat, obtain the funds from us today. They shouldn't let students today make decisions that affect the affordability of education exclusively in the future--and I'm proud of the student body for shutting the initiative down; it's not easy to care when the proposal has no effect on you. </p>

<p>If the Nat actually matters to anyone, then it'll obtain funding to renovate either privately or through student vote affecting segregated fees IMMEDIATELY. If not, then no one cared (unlikely). It's not like it's academic dept. that the University should feel obligated to fund.</p>

<p>You put the fees in the future because that is who would actually get to use it. It takes over a year to plan and build such a faciltity--more like two years. The plan at hand had fees starting in 2013 with the doors open in 2014. By then there will another new dorm in the Lakeshore area to add demand to the NAT. Given the short duration of college life nearly everything that is approved in your time at college will not be open until you are gone. Students who would never get to use the Memorial Union and the SERF made them possible. Would you like them to disappear now?? Every generation of students should leave the UW a better place than they found it. Your group was too short-sighted and selfish to figure that out.<br>
We alumni donate many millions to make the UW a better place than when we were there. Somehow I doubt the current generation will maintain that standard.</p>

<p>Barrons, honestly, I truly admire your passion for the university (that's not sarcasm), but every post you make is just riddled with statements that would make officials from the school cringe if they saw them. I know you like to say it's because you're from the east coast and you're confrontational and all that, but in reality, you're just short-sighted and rude. I think you turn off more potential students than help them through your aggressive "my way is the best way possible and all others are wrong" attitude. If you don't believe me that you have this attitude, I'm sure there are plenty on this forum that would agree with me.</p>

<p>can you access any of these during soar?</p>

<p>Yes and no. Even if you are a student and stay in Madison in the summer and are NOT taking summer classes, you have to pay a $15 fee to use the facilities in the summer. And given that you haven't even paid your Fall 2010 fees, it would makes sense that you could not use them for "free." As an incoming freshman not taking summer classes, you can choose to pay the $15 fee for summer, though.</p>

<p>You will be able to pay admittance for one day, at the cost of $5.00, although while at SOAR, you won't really have the time.</p>

<p>Country--I'm not here to shill for the UW administration, the current students, or anyone else. I just give my honest opinion which you may feel free to take or leave. If the students are turned off by direct honest opinion that's unfortunate. IMHO they are not ready for the real world. Who knows what is right--only time will tell. From what I hear there has been no shortage of students accepted and going to the UW so if there has been any impact it is very tiny. If anyone honestly wants help with UW problems I go out of my way to help them.
I don't think Uminn can carry UW's jock as a school and a college experience. I have it on good authority that the flow of the brighter students under the Minn/Wis tuition deal greatly favors Wisconsin. I had friends at UW who went to Minn and Illionois undergrad and they tend to admit that is just a fact. Same for Indiana except in business and music related things.
I vehemently disagree with the UW ways on some issues and I have mentioned some of them here. Others more directly to admin folks. At most schools there is not even a vote on student fee paid items. The admin has total control of such things. IMHO allowing students with a short-term vision such power is a mistake. Those decisions are what Chancellor's get paid to make. Feel free to disagree. I'm sure that the UW recreational facilities are among the worst in the B10. Not a good thing for student recruitment in this age.</p>

Every generation of students should leave the UW a better place than they found it.


<p>But choosing the amenities that future students will pay for via segregated fees is not making UW a better place...It's simply deciding whether we should raise the mandatory rates of attending UW for certain future benefits. </p>

<p>Am I glad that past students made the Memorial Union possible? yes. SERF? no, I'd rather not pay for it. </p>

<p>Every choice that past students made about what I pay to use is just that--a choice. They didn't make UW a better place for me, they just decided what I'd pay for. As a student body, we decided that future students shouldn't pay to renovate the NAT at this time...It's different than when alumni donate funds: alumni are using their OWN money to improve UW!</p>

<p>UW is a hallmark of good, affordable education. Not everyone wants to change that--if certain projects can't obtain funding from private donors, alumni, or the state, then maybe they're not the most important projects. Fiscal conservatism isn't such a bad thing in a University.</p>

<p>Don't forget the many opportunities to join various club sports and dorm teams for physical activity as well. During SOAR you may want to run/walk the Lakeshore path for some exercise without getting lost if you wish and find the time. Later you will find plenty of paths for bicycles and running as many miles as you can in addition to indoor facilities.</p>