Are there any specific questions that I should ask in my internship interview?

I have applied for an internship and I have a video interview on Friday at 3:00pm. It’s my first interview and I need a little help on asking questions or where to center my questions, comments and concerns around. What should I ask? Thank you for any help!

Always have questions prepared - so when it’s your turn, you can sound intelligent.

Research the company and its products. Know what’s coming. Learn who the competitors are.

If you are interviewing at GM for an electric vehicle project, you might ask - what steps are you taking to ensure the new Bolt will be more accepted by the market than the model S?

Or if you are at Mars Petcare - with a focus on holistic and natural foods, what plan does Mars have to win some of these customers?

I’ve noticed that earnings have been stagnant the last five years. What steps are being taken to re-kindle the earnings flame.

Every time I go into a restaurant, they have signs apologizing for shortage of labor. Some are even closed two or three days a week. What steps is the organization taking to stay ahead of the competition and ensure its fully staffed?

You might also ask about mentoring opportunities such as, will I be assigned a mentor to coach and counsel me and to bounce ideas off of.

Will I be given a project to manage and team to work with ?

What are the most important qualities I need for this role?

Can get into your college career center before your interview? They can help you practice interviewing and give you suggestions on what to ask.