Are there easier majors at UC Davis to get in to?

<p>Are there certain majors at UC Davis that are easier to get into?</p>

<p>I have the same basic question for other competitive UC campuses?</p>

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<p>The majors within one college are equally competitive, but the four different colleges are of varying difficulty. The difficulty of them will change each year, but you can expect Engineering to be the most competitive.</p>

<p>As for other UCs, I know UC San Diego admits you to the University before admitting you to a specific major, so your choice of major makes no difference. UCLA definitely admits by major (and college), with engineering being the toughest. I'm not sure about any other UCs.</p>

<p>this may not mean a thing, but i've met some freshmen who declared something like comp lit on their UC app, and will to switch to engineering...</p>

<p>^ I've noticed that too... I don't understand why they make the admissions different for each college when it's so easy to switch once you get here.</p>


<p>Would you explain how it is so easy to switch between colleges...? I've heard it's easy to switch with-in colleges... or to a less rigorous college (i.e., less Math and Science)... but have never heard it's easy to switch up.</p>

<p>I could be wrong, but I thought it's easier to be admitted to letters and sciences and switch to college of engineering than it is to be admitted to the college of engineering outright.</p>

<p>Yes... I think you could be.</p>

<p>What you saying is the oldest trick in the book... decades old. I think they have safeguards now with respect to this.</p>

<p>Requirements to transfer into the College of Engineering:</p>

You must:</p>

<p>Be a registered student and have completed at least one quarter (minimum of 12 units) at UC Davis
Have completed not more than 135 cumulative units (excluding AP units); students who have completed more than 135 units will be considered on an appeal basis only;
Be in good academic standing and meet minimum progress requirements;
Have received a letter grade for all courses that satisfy Engineering degree requirements
Have completed MAT 21A, B, C: PHY 9A and CHE 2A each with a grade of C- or better and a GPA in these five courses of 2.0 or better
Have no grade lower than a C- in any completed engineering course taken at UC Davis
Have 2.0 UC GPA in completed engineering courses


<p>Not very difficult at all to switch into Engineering considering how much more difficult it is to be admitted outright.</p>

<p>Apply to the college of friend told me that NO ONE applies for that.</p>

<p>lol but seriously...ENGINEERING ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D</p>

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