Are There Good (and Free) Online MCAT Practice Tests?

My son’s taking an MCAT this Saturday. While he took a couple tests that came with a series of books that he purchased, he could use a couple more practices but without having to pay hundreds of $$ for them. Anyone with any experience finding good online practice tests?

There are no free full-length practice exam available on-line to my knowledge.

He can buy single FL exams from AMCAS for $35 each. There are 4 available. These are actual retired MCAT exams and the price includes scoring.

The FL AMCAS practice exams are the best predictor of actual MCAT scores.

Buy them here--


Thank you for the link! I forwarded the info to my son.

When should a student begin prep for MCAT? Should we wait to complete sophomore?


It’s pointless for a student to start prepping for the MCAT before s/he has completed all of their pre-reqs. Biochem is tested heavily in the biology section of the exam so I’d advise not beginning MCAT prep until that course has been successfully completed.

Most students do 4-12 weeks of dedicated MCAT prep scheduled right before their anticipated MCAT date.

@WayOutWestMom Thanks a ton for your response!

@Calgal1 you need to at least complete all the Chem pre-med classes up to Biochem plus Bio 1/2 (Gen. Chem1 & 2, Orgo1/2, Biochem) since Biochem is a big part of MCAT. If you have good physics background (took AP Phy), then you can pick up Physics during the prep’ing. Sociology/Psych probably like physics.

@Andorvw thanks for your reply. Any specific books you can suggest to start off with for Physics and socio/psycho? My student has not completed organic chemistry yet.

Any of the major brands should be ok (Kaplan, Princeton Review, …).