Are there good internships in the UNC Chapel Hill area?

If I get in, I would absolutely love to go to UNC Chapel Hill. A lot of other schools in my list are in the DC area (Georgetown, American, GW) because I adore DC and want to study political science/journalism. I think it’s a great area for networking in college with lots of opportunities for amazing internships. Confirmed this after I attended a George Washington University virtual tour and was able to talk to some professors from the school of media and public affairs.
They linked this site:
Which got me excited because there are a LOT of amazing internships available in this area–congressional/representative aids, nonprofits, research assistants, etc.
Did a preliminary search on google and didn’t really find any list of this type of internships available in the Chapel Hill area.
Looking for an answer from a UNC CH student, alumni, or someone who knows job market in the area. What are internship opportunities like? Are they few and far between? Are there a significant amount of opportunities for politics-type internships?

Chapel Hill is part of the Raleigh-Durham conurbation, and Raleigh is the state capital- so yes, LOTS of polisci type internships.

GWU is in a league of it’s own for internships- more students do more internships at more places b/c they are essentially in the neighborhood- and GW bends over backwards to make in-term internships possible. Georgetown and AU take advantage of being DC-proximate, but the benefit is more in who comes to campus than in-term internships. UNC’s study semester in DC is also great.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if GW was the rule for DC colleges or the exception.
Just looked up the UNC study semester you mentioned and it looks amazing. Thanks for bringing it up! Never would have known that was a thing.


I agree that DC is in a league of its own for internships in political science. That being said…

Political science/journalism students at UNC get internships all over the country, including within NC. Additionally, the J-school at UNC is very highly regarded.

Are you OOS for UNC? If you are …you might be putting the cart before the horse.

Best wishes!

Thanks, that’s reassuring about the internships with UNC. I’m in state!