Are these ACT scores good for a starting junior?

<p>I just started tutoring, but we've only done a few problems to see a few mistakes I've made, but I haven't had any ACTUAL tutoring (like strategies). These are my highest composite scores per each section:</p>

<p>English: 35 (2 wrong)
Math: 32 (4 wrong)
Reading: 35 (1 wrong- careless and would've gotten a 36)
Science: 30 (4 wrong-weakness)</p>

<p>A practice test I did before (of random choosing):</p>

<p>English: 34
Math: 30
Reading: 30 (tried to rush...)
Science: 29 (conflicting viewpoints...)</p>

<p>I know these scores are pretty good to start out with, but my main goal is to reach a 34+. With tutoring over the next several months (and much independent practice), could I potentially reach my goal? I really don't want to seem cocky, I'm just concerned! Thank you so much to everyone and good luck with your endeavors too! :D</p>

<p>Yes, I definitely think you're at a good starting point with those scores! I also think you'll be able to improve significantly in your Math and Science (especially science) after you do some tutoring/more practice. Science was all about practice for me and the more practice problems I did, the better and better I got just by being familiar with the ACT Science in general. </p>

<p>Keep it up!</p>