Are these courses good enough for my Junior Year?

<p>I plan on applying to some high caliber colleges, and I want to know if these courses are impressive enough. I realize that every high school has a different level of difficulty.</p>

<p>-BC Calculus / Multivariable [depends if I can take BC over the summer]
-AP Statistics
-Honors Physics (Can't take AP until this is done with)
-AP Language + Composition
-Spanish IV (possibly AP if I decide to study over the summer)
-AP US History</p>

<p>On a related note, any advice for a soon-to-be junior, in terms of course load?</p>

<p>I don't see how you could make your class schedule any harder o_o</p>

<p>Every school has different norms - at some, this would be an exceptional (and impressive) course load. At others, it's par for the course if you are a good student. </p>

<p>If you look at the common app, your guidance counselor has to check a box off that indicates the academic rigor of your coursework. "Most rigorous" (or whatever the exact box title is- I don't recall), is what you want. One AP course more or less probably isn't going to change a designation since its a reflection of your entire transcript. It's just one way for the schools to understand how you compare to peers with the same or higher GPA and class rank, but possibly significantly less rigor in their coursework.</p>

<p>Can I have more opinions on this?</p>

<p>I only have two more days to decide on my (tentative) courses. </p>

<p>Should I ease up my course load or is this good enough?</p>

<p>What M's Mom said, rigor of coursework is relative to your school.</p>

<p>Well the AP Test is a nation-wide standard, and it (generally) follows that class vigor is more or less around some set standard, which is why I wanted some personal opinions.</p>

<p>AP may be a common standard nationwide, but some schools may teach "AP" courses to a more rigorous level than the standard AP course, especially for the less rigorous courses like AP statistics.</p>

<p>But it seems like your course selection is plenty rigorous if you are taking the most rigorous option in each subject. For UC/CSU purposes, you can check which courses count as "honors" at <a href=""&gt;;/a> .</p>

<p>Note: if you take post-calculus-BC math courses, you may want to ensure that they are dual-enrollment or college courses, since you may not be able to get credit or placement if they are just high school courses.</p>