Are these good classes for senior year?

The classes I’m taking this year for my last year in High School Are:
•English IV Honors
•AP Spanish
•AP Human Geography
•60s and 90s Honors
•Forensic Science
•History of Human Behavior
•Álgebra II (I had to be placed in Algebra II late because of some math class freshman year-it’s complicated

I never took AP classes until this year. I’ve also never took English Honors up until this year as well. Is it good that I started now before it was too late?

Each student is unique and the school’s offerings vary as well. It’s never too late in my opinion. Knowledge is always valuable.

Colleges will look at your high school transcript to see what story it tells against your school’s profile and as a backdrop to the story you tell about yourself in your essays. Test scores may or may not be an additional piece of information that they can look to. It’s all part of the package.

You also want to be realistic when applying to colleges. What schools are you targeting? Consider what would be a good match for you.

It’s a good schedule, with 3 classes showing you’re trying to stretch.
What universities are you targeting and for what majors?
This schedule would indicate Liberal Arts at your state’s flagship (if you have mostly A’s), national LACs ranked 50-125 (if you have mostly A’s and a few B’s), Undecided perhaps with Honors Program at a local state university, regional universities ranked 15+ in most regions.