Are these good ECs to start with?


<p>I'm going to be a Sophmore next year and I was wondering if these are good ECs to shape up my high school years. My school is really small so there aren't any clubs, newspapers, teams, etc. but I'm looking to start a monthly magazine so that might be added in the future. I'm looking towards top tier schools, my top choices being Brown and Yale.</p>


<p>Motivational Speaker to high schoolers (Dates vary)
A program that teaches 2nd graders how to read and write better (1 hour - Friday)
Homework helper at an elementary school (1 hour - Mondays and Wednesdays)
Volunteering at a child's museum (Not sure about the hours or dates yet)
[Possible] Magazine editor at school
Head of Yearbook Development (This is done outside of school so I count it as an EC - 30 minutes a day each week)
Art (As of now it's 6 hours on Saturday but my hours/days will soon expand)</p>

<p>So here's my starting list. :) What do you think?</p>

<p>The magazine and art sound interesting. I think your best bet is to enter contests like Scholastics with your art and start the magazine--honestly, you could quit the rest (though yearbook development could tie in with art). </p>

<p>For top schools, the best (and least stressful) option is to throw yourself into a few meaninful activities, not to assemble as many scattered volunteer hours or club memberships as possible.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input! :)
I actually plan on studying body image, media, and their effects on the brain and how art therapy helps.. so I guess I have a little bit of it all. Thanks!</p>

<p>I agree with glassesarechic: it seems that you have a lot of random volunteer activities. If you are really really into them, definitely stick with them. But if there is one that you definitely prefer out of the rest, and you think is more beneficial to the kids you're helping, stick with that one and get more involved in it. For example, you can maybe expand that program for 2nd graders to other schools, get more kids involved, something like that. Maybe you can start your own little thing at the museum. Really really get involved to show that you are doing the volunteering more for than just the hours (even if you're not doing it for the hours, admissions officers won't know that unless you really throw yourself into it!).</p>

<p>But yeah, for a freshman, these are still very good extracurrics! Stick with them! :)</p>

<p>Thanks topasalacqua! :) Yeah I'm pretty passionate about helping the 2nd graders (they're the cutest things in the world!) I love your idea of helping them expand, I'll look into that. Thanks again!</p>