Are these good reasons to transfeR?


<p>I'm currently at NYU and I would like to go to Penn. The reasons I would like to transfer is because a) I want to go to a stimulating college campus. (Been in NY for all my life) b) I want to study a major that is offered at Penn and not NYU. c) the financial barrier which once existed, no longer exist.</p>

<p>There are some others, but I won't get to them. Those are basic reasons, and I would go more indepth, but just wondering, what do you guys think?</p>


<p>i would say go for it. If the major your REALLY want to study is not offered at your current school, why stay there and study something that you might not be as passionate about?</p>

<p>I say any reason is a good reason to transfer. You have four years make the best of it and do what you want to do</p>

<p>It's true that your reasons are your own and should be good enough, but perhaps the poster is refering to reasons to give to the college she's applying to. That reason is very important in a transfer application. Of the three listed, the one concerning the lack of a specific major would be the most persuasive, and the other two seem also like legit transfer reason, to me. The important thing to rmember is that the intended school doesn't want to hear you dissing the present school, so you need these types of reasons that speak about your personal needs, not that there's something intrinsically wrong with the present school.</p>