Are these leadership credentials on par/stand out when I apply to Wharton/NYU Stern

<p>It's always been my dream to go to these distinguished schools but sometimes it just feels so illusory so I would appreciate it if you guys could give me feedback on my leadership credentials, particularly.</p>

<li>Group LeaderThe effects of soluble carbohydrates v. their artificial atavists on the cold acclimation of Ceratopteris richardii</li>
<li>Group Leader: The effects of sucrose v. sorbitol on Beta Glucorindase activity and COR78 transcription in Ceratopteris Richardii</li>
<li>Group Leader: The effects of organic v. inorganic fruit on Drosophila melanogaster larvae count</li>

(i have a volunteer position here, promoted from volunteer-> intern -> explainer, in their nationally replicated science career ladder program)
Intern Captain: Coordinate the activities of over 20 interns and volunteers throughout the entire museum to carry out mundane functional activities in the museum in a business environment, and amend schedules as necessary.
Preschool Captain: Coordinate the activities of interns and volunteers in the Preschool Place as well as facilitate communication with visitors and work alongside associates as necessary.</p>

<li>President/Founder of Epicurean Society at FHHS (FHHS= acronym for my school)</li>
<li>**President/Founder **of FHHS Stock Market Exchange</li>

<p>and if there are any suggestions for expanding my leadership stats, please add that :)</p>

<p>please, guys 32 views and no answer :( I'll return the favor :D</p>

<p>I'm not in college yet so I'm just making guesses based on what I've heard....You sound like a good leader and founding clubs is good. The only thing that might be a negative is that it is almost entirely science or business related, as in there aren't any bigger name broader based clubs or activities there which connect you to people and events which are more, for lack of a better term, common. Otherwise it seems good but again, I'm just basing this off of what I've heard. If you do want to be part of a more broader based club I'm very involved in Optimist (international service organization) and if you don't have an Optimist club at your school I can put you in contacts with someone to help you start one. Just let me know. I'm hopin to some how make it into Wharton too so we're in the same boat i guess</p>

<p>just for elucidation, what do you mean by a lack of a common term, that connects me to things and places?
Do you mean I should get a little bit from all fields?
Or stick with one?
Thanks btw</p>

<p>By common I mean something broader based. Something like Key Club or Optimist Club is a large international organization and draws members from all walks of life. Leading in those organizations shows an ability to worki with a variety of different people. The things you mentioned seemed like organizations that draw on a very specific group of people (smarter and more on top of things). The others just show variety. Common is not a really accurate term but it's what I came up with lol.</p>