are these sat ii scores okay for dartmouth?

<p>Math 2-800

<p>They are almost identical to my SAT I scores

<p>That's crazy! I have the EXACT SAME SAT1 score as you, in the exact same areas/subdivision scores! </p>

<p>I'm applying with similar SAT2 scores, so I hope. :)</p>

<p>yes, they are fine.</p>

<p>They're okay. They (probably) won't keep you out, but they definitely won't help get you in. Higher scores never hurt. :)</p>

<p>More concretely -- and sort of arbitrarily -- you want a 750+ on each of your subject tests and 2300+ for your scores to help you get into Dartmouth. Your current scores only show that you can handle the work (which is sufficient, but you'll need to stand out in other departments).</p>

<p>ya, dartmouthgrad is spot on. If you sincerely want to attend dartmouth, I would try to get all ur scores (on SAT and Subjec tests) up to a 750+.</p>