Are these SAT II scores okay?

<p>I'm a bit uneasy about my SATII scores... Are they good? great? bad? Input please!</p>

<p>Literature- 770
Spanish- 690
MathII- 670</p>

<p>Literature score is great -- i've heard of the horrors and rigor of the exam, well done !</p>

<p>I can't say much for the spanish exam, not heard or taken it.</p>

<p>The math IIC exam is a little low, i think. There is a generous curve on the exam and most people taking it can get 700+, if not 750+/800. But I may be wrong on that.</p>

<p>maths 2 is a bit low... i got 800 n im only better than 91% of the nation</p>

<p>Depends on what kinds of schools you're aiming for.</p>

<p>FWIW foreign languages are particularly difficult for non-native speakers.</p>

<p>Except Latin :)</p>

<p>I think you may want to try Math II again, like WantIvy said, it's too low. It also depends on what you are interested in. If you want to do humanities or something, I don't think colleges would care about your math score.</p>