Are These Scholarship Websites Legit?

<p>The following are scholarship websites that I plan to sign up to, or have already signed up to, and I just want to know if they are all legitimate and will not attempt to scam me.</p>

If you could answer any of these, that would be fantastic! Thanks!</p>

<p>I know these 3 sites are good!
They are tried & true (daughter one 12 scholarships)</p>


<p>It is very wise to be careful! We discovered student loans taken out for our daughter to a college she wasn't even going to! It was only possible because she didn't need any loans thanks to scholarships! Thankfully, the government mailed the forms to our address & we cancelled them & notified the OIG at the US Education Dept. So Be Careful!</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

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<p>Thank you!
So the being careful part it towards government funded student loans, right? There's not problem with the websites themselves?</p>

<p>No, I was given that as an example that it is wise to be careful and that you can never be too careful!</p>

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<p>Is scholarshippoints a legit site?? I am really confused on whether to apply or not…</p>

<p>Some scholarship sites make money by selling the personal information you input to search for scholarships to marketers and college recruiters. Read the privacy statements very carefully, or stick with sites that don’t ask for our contact information. Two sites that I know of - the College Board’s BigFuture scholarship search engine and CollegeNet have search options that don’t require your personal information. Good luck!