Are these schools out of reach?

I am currently a white male Junior at one of the top highschools in the country. We are ranked 109th in the country by U.S. news. I am majoring in Computer Science. I have taken multiple college level programming courses like Python, Java, AP Computer Science A, HTML 5, and C++. I feel my computer knowledge makes me unique. I also am involved in JSA, President of Meals on Wheels, Yearbook Editor, Oxfam (program that helps the needy) Vice president, and I volunteer at a camp for kids with cancer and have accumulated over 150 hours of community service. I also play the bagpipes and am in a bagpipe band which makes me unique in my opinion. I have a 3.72 GPA. I have taken I.B. French, I.B. World Literature, AP Computer Science A, and AP Micro Economics. All my other classes are honors. I got 1910 on the SAT which is pretty bad. I am taking the ACT soon and I plan on getting a 31-33. The ACT seems a lot more straightforward to me so I feel I will do better.

Do I have a good chance of getting into:
Boston College
UNC Chapel Hill
University of Richmond
The College of New Jersey
Connecticut College
University of Miami
Also, please suggest some schools I should look at please.
Any help is greatly appreciated, I am so stressed!!

UCLA and UNC are reaches. You have a shot, but no guarantees, at most of the others. Don’t overlook Rutgers, Temple, and Stevens Institute. Maybe Clemson is worth a look, too.