Are these SSAT scores good enough?

Can someone please tell me if you think I can get in with these SSAT scores (upper level)

Reading-75 D:


Schools applying to:

Lets just say I have enough extracurriculars and my application is decent
Please help

I got similar test scores

Math 92
Reading 75
Verbal 99

The overall score for me was like a 95. Your’s might be higher if you’re in 8th grade. This is above the average test scores for accepted applicants (at the schools you’re applying to), so I’d say it’s really good and you should submit them.

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Oof don’t worry, I also have a low score for reading. I think you should still submit. Those test scores a still good (you prob have like a 97 or 96).

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wait seriously? Thanks I didnt know that. Good luck applying!

Reading is so hard for me because I overthink a lot…
Good luck applying!

I agree, reading is really hard. Anyways, test scores don’t define you! It’s one of the least considered parts and your test scores are good enough! Good luck to you too!

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@heartcry these scores are fantastic!! what was it overall? Sure, it would have been nice to have a slightly higher reading score, but omigoodness this score is amazing. I’ll bet the overall score is well into the 90’s. Anything over 85 is considered a truly excellent score. (my DD had 80 overall and got into a bunch of super-competitive schools, so know that the test score is only one small piece of the puzzle.)

Thanks! My overall score is 97 :smiley: !!! These replies are making me so much less worried about my scores because I thought 75 reading would be unacceptable. Also, congrats on getting into competitive schools!

@heartcry I’m putting my mom hat on here – “less worried” feels to me like you are getting in your own way of celebrating yourself. Hear this and believe it: your score fantastic and is helping your application. If you don’t get in, it will NOT be because of your SSAT score. So really – celebrate that you have not only NOT given them a stumbling block, but you have boosted your profile with a 97. It’s only a small piece of the puzzle, to be sure, but that small piece – you have nailed it. Go you! Celebrate you! And I mean celebrate, not just get “less worried.”


Haha thanks for the ego boost! I just had dinner with my family as a celebration :)))) Thanks for your reply


Your scores are strong, but so is your school list. This will be an extremely challenging year because of dissatisfaction with public schools in MA associated with perceived handling of COVID. I hope you do well, but as you know, you have no easy admits on your list. Did you consider one school a level down?

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St. Pauls school is going to be easier because it’s a ballet school and I have been doing ballet for 7 years. I’m pretty sure it’s a little easier to get into than Nobles, Winsor, and those type of schools.

I don’t mean to be mean or anything but St. Paul’s is not really a “ballet school”. Sure, they have a strong focus on the arts but they are way more than just a “ballet school”. They are one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the world that provides students with various academic opportunities.

Getting accepted is far from easy. In fact, if you search up SPS’s acceptance rate you’ll find that it varies from 17 percent to 11 percent! Even lower than top boarding schools such as Andover and Exeter! Although you are a strong candidate, I’ve heard that many legacies, and strong applicants apply and most get rejected. Simply being good or even amazing at ballet definitely doesn’t guarantee acceptance. However, this is not your fault, as the group you’re competing against is highly competitive.

I really don’t mean to dim your hopes but I just had to point that out. However, I wish you the best of luck on your boarding school journey! I’m applying to SPS as a violinist, so maybe I’ll see you there!

Oh dont feel bad this actually helped a lot! I heard they have a professional ballet company so thats why I assumed so. Maybe not. Thanks for your wishes!

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Sorry for bothering you again, I just have a quick question about scores. Do schools look at your total score or individual scores per section. Thanks!

It’s alright :). I’m pretty sure the schools look at both the individual scores and the full score. Your reading score seems fine! It’s not bad at all and it’s still within the average of most schools like St. Paul’s School and other schools ur applying to. So don’t stress too much about it. :smiley:

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i freaking love you

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@heartcry I’ve understood they look at both, but overall score is the shorthand. That said, your scores are great so really: may I gently suggest to move on from worrying about this because your application plan has a bigger issue. You have a very short list of very competitive schools, so know that if you don’t have any options come M10, it’s simply because you chose to apply to way fewer schools than would be recommended. It will NOT be because of your reading score. 15% admission rate means 85% of students – most of them very qualified who have also cleared the SSAT hurdle – get a rejection. So a short list of schools like that means a real chance at zero options. If that’s OK with you, then proceed with this short list. And who knows, you might have options anyway! It happens, even with folks who buck the advice to cast a wider net. But it’s a risky plan.


Thanks for your reply! I forgot to include two more schools if that makes it a little better. St Paul school and Concord Academy, both competitive as well. The main reason why I’m not applying to schools a level down from these schools is because my town already has a really good public high-school so it would be pointless to apply to a private school that is the same level as my public one.

@heartcry Sounds like you have a plan you feel good about! I’ll just add a piece of feedback on the idea that it’s “pointless” to go away to a school that isn’t at a “higher level” than a local public school, (and you are free to ignore it). The “top 50” (or 75? or 100?) boarding schools all offer an amazing experience that is very different from a local public school. So I’ll share the perspective that it’s really not about a school being a “better level” than your public school. I assure you that the amazing BS experience is unlike anything you will get at a public school and it’s available at a much wider variety of schools than just the “top 10” (or whatever).
To be clear – neither is “better” or “worse.”
But if you are applying to boarding schools, I’ll assume it’s because you do want that unique boarding school experience of students and faculty becoming family. The strong academics are available in a lot of places – strong public schools, private days schools, and pretty much every single one of the “top 50-100” boarding schools. So it’s just not about that at all. I promise.
Another way to look at it: if you want to go to Deerfield (or insert “top tier” school name here), you might also be very happy at Berkshire (or insert perceived “second tier” school name here.)
The primary differentiating factor about boarding schools is not the academics; it’s about the boarding, in our experience.