Are these summer programs worth doing? (Applications still open)

They aren’t very well known but my friend is going to apply to them and I might too.

WISE | Waksman Student Scholars Program and

Student Programs - The New York Academy of Sciences (heard this one is really good)

Any opinions? I haven’t heard of any of them besides the academy of sciences.

I’m a humanities guy, but I heard that WISE is very good. You should definitely apply.

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50 link checks and no replies D:

Hi! I am currently in the NYAS Junior Academy program, and I think it’s a really worthwhile experience. You should definitely go for it! Just one thing to note however, JA is not a summer program; it’s a one-year program that starts in October and ends in May (I think). This might be something to consider when you’re applying. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!