Are UCD & UCSB safeties for me? and part time question

Hi, I’m transferring from a CC to a UC in fall 2021 and I’m having trouble determining what is a safety or not. It seems to me that I have a good chance at these schools but it feels weird saying that as they are very competative for freshmen at least. I need help determining if I have a very good chance at these schools.

-GPA: 4.0
-7 course pattern already completed
-IGETC will be completed in spring
-1 year transfer

  • According to admissions counselors major prep shouldn’t matter because I’m applying to non selective majors (statistics at UCD, statistics & data science at UCSB) but I will have 4 major prep courses done
    -Both campuses don’t read essays for admissions purposes

Only thing I’m worried about is that I was a part time college student up until now because I was a full time high school student. Do they care about that? I have 8 courses completed as of the time I apply, and will be full time fall 2020 & spring 2021. Thanks!

You have a competitive profile but the only way these schools would be considered safeties would be if you used TAG for one of the two campuses. Safeties are guaranteed admission but your UC Transfer GPA puts you above the 75th percentile at each campus.

This link shows the admit range for UC Transfer GPA by major to help you gauge your chances.

If you plan to TAG for UCD, please note below:

@Gumbymom Thank you! I submitted my TAG to UCD. A TAG rep at UCD told me that it would be ok if I was part time because I was concurrently enrolled in high school.