Are undergraduates allowed to enroll to the Pre-Business program at Denison University?

I selected in my common app that my second preferred academic program at Denison University is the “Pre-Business/Undecided” option, but when I checked the website of the University and opened the page of the Pre-business program I found that most of the page is talking about MBA so I really feel consumed. Is the pre-Business program is an MBA or not? And if not are undergraduates allowed to enroll in the Pre-Business program or not? And if not allowed, will the Admissions team penalize me for choosing an inappropriate program for me because I didn’t research the University’s programs will before applying?

No, you will not be penalized. You communicated that you are interested in an academic path that could lead to a career in business. Denison has majors which are aligned with a career in business, such as Global Commerce, Financial Economics concentration within Econ major, and the Organizational Studies concentration. My own student was a Poli sci major and is now working in business, so there are many paths to that career direction.

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Not sure. Denison highly recommends applicants schedule an admissions interview. That may be a good forum to ask your question. Another approach would be to call your assign counselor and talk to him/her about the business program. Based on my D’s experience they are very responsive.

Pre-Business at Denison is their pathway to prepare students to go on to get an MBA. All programs at Denison are only undergraduate, so you just ended up applying to an exploratory major with the goal of preparing you for an MBA. In that, they will probably guide you to pick one of their business related majors such as Econ, Global Commerce, Data Analytics, etc. You are perfectly good, you just basically picked an exploratory major.