Are wait lists worth the wait? CSULB & SCU

<p>I have been accepted to UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz. I'm kind of in a tough spot; I have been put on the waiting list for CSU Long Beach and Santa Clara University, both schools that I would definitely pick over UCM or UCSC. Would anyone know of any information on my chances for getting into CSULB or SCU if put on the waiting list?</p>

<p>I have thought of UCM vs UCSC and definitely decided UCSC would be a better decision. My dilemma is that I really would love to go to CSU Long Beach instead of UC Santa Cruz, but I'm not sure on my chances of that happening...</p>

<p>Here is some information I've come across for UCSC: very liberal, laid back, nature oriented school, many people smoke pot, not that many parties because they are broken up easily, campus is huge and beautiful, not much going on in the city of Santa Cruz itself, good science programs and great research university.
Some of these aspects of the school are very appealing but many are not. I am more conservative, enjoy the occasional party, love the beach but not so much the forest, I like genetics/psychology/biology, and I'm not one too fond of crazy liberals and hippies.</p>

<p>Can I count on getting into CSULB (preferably) or SCU (wouldn't mind going here either but tuition is cra$y) or should I count on going to UCSC?</p>

<p>I want to know the same thing :( I got accepted at UCR as an Art studio major, and waitlisted by CSULB as a graphic design major.....</p>