Are we getting anything in the mail?

<p>Like an acceptance package? I got in, and know my financial aid package and whatnot by checking the site.</p>

<p>where on the site did you see the financial aid info?</p>

<p>ya, same for me here, i checked the site, and got this folder thing in the mail, but it didnt have anything on like orientation or anything like that so i dont know, i keep checking myneu site every few days but it only says to fill out housing, roomate survey, make deposits, etc</p>

<p>Your acceptance letters will probably come in the mail soon ( did for my ea accepted daughter )
Orientation info will be released in early April. There will be several sessions from which to choose that begin in mid -June until mid-August.
There should be a link on the page to let you know your financial aid status and possible awards.
Congratulations to you all.</p>

<p>I just received my acceptance package. It's just a letter of congrats, and a folder with informational brochures about "What's Next," "Where you'll live," "How to pay," and "Important information." I suspect most of this information is available already on myNEU. </p>

<p>I'm pumped about my Honors apartments, if I end up going. :D</p>

<p>I live in a suburb of Boston, so mail from Boston takes a day or less to get to me.</p>

<p>Haha, I received my ED acceptance email back in December - and I swear to god...I've gotten AT LEAST 10-15 things in the mail from Northeastern. Don't worry, lack of information is definitely not applicable to NU.</p>