are west campus dorms as nice as north campus?

<p>I recently visited Cornell and I LOVED the north campus dorms....they were all new, clean, big, and amazing. I only walked a little through west campus, and it didn't look as nice from the outside. Are they significantly worse than north, or are they still very good?</p>

<p>its just like north in that some are new and beautiful, some are old with a little charm, and some are old and just gross....its a tossup. i wouldnt think much about it since a lot of sophs decide to go off campus or live in their greek house...its hard to tell what you'll want to do as a soph until you're at cornell already (and even then it can be hard to decide)</p>

<p>the new west campus dorms are really nice....</p>

<p>Internally, west campus dorms are way cleaner, nicer and spacious that north campus dorms. However, externally north campus as a whole is more beautiful than west campus.</p>

<p>i think you have your question mixed up...did you walk into every north campus dorm?! LOL</p>

<p>north campus is more old fashioned dorms...west campus is a lot more compact and the rooms smaller...but nice, simple and pre-fabricated..</p>