Are you allowed to apply to other colleges while being in a gap year for one already

I did not take a gap year for the purpose of applying elsewhere, I took it because there was a yearlong work-study program that was being offered, but I started to change my mind about the college I am in. I cant find the gap year agreement anywhere, but I wanted to know if its allowed to apply ED somewhere?

You need to find the agreement!!! How will a bunch of strangers know what you and the college have agreed to?


Thought it was the same for all colleges tbh…or if anyone else has done it before

Depends on the terms as outlined in the deferral agreement. It will vary, but in general, the more selective colleges will view applying on a gap year as a violation of the agreement.

I would assume that applying ED anywhere on a gap year will void the agreement for every college.


This is worth extra emphasis. You might risk ALL colleges, not just the one you have an agreement with. The paperwork will tell you.

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Ok, thank you for telling me!! I will just withdraw from the school to avoid any complications

That seems rather drastic. Are you sure you won’t be happy at the original school?

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Have no idea to be honest, I got into UVA and by no means is it a bad school, but I have been told by a lot of people that it isn’t the best, and pressured by family members as well to find somewhere better. I dont really know how it works in the USA, school prestige and finding good jobs.

So rather than making a call and trying to find out the facts and contractual obligations you committed too, you are going to make a life changing and irrevocable decision? Does that seem smart? FYI UVA is a very good and prestigious school.

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As an international you might not even get another chance like this
Why not go for the first year and see how it goes. After that you could transfer to another school. Just a thought.


You’re right, I guess I am not thinking right :sob: thank you for this advice, i guess chances become smaller if I try applying later anyways, I will consider transferring !

You may want to work on your impulse control😀. I suspect you will enjoy UVA and find it to be an absolute top tier academic experience.

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Or better still, consider falling in love with the school.
UVA is a great school and there’s a lot to like about it.

With all due respect, it’s your life to live. As long as they will support you financially at UVa I would advise against looking for another school. it’s possible you might not get in anywhere else.

What is your major? Aside from a small set of career paths, prestige doesn’t matter as much in the US as compared to other countries. And UVa is a well known and well respected name, so no issue there.


UVA is a wonderful college. If you can afford the tuition I strongly urge you to attend.


Take a deep breath and slow down. You are not acting rationally. :hugs:

I can imagine it is difficult hearing those opinions from people in your home country and difficult to evaluate the legitimacy of those opinions.

For those of us in the US, it is difficult hearing that a kid who got into a prestigious school like UVA is considering withdrawing and starting over the application process. While UVA may not have the name recognition internationally, we can assure you it is a top school and can get you into whatever grad program or career you want if you apply yourself while you are there. Many US citizens would be envious of your opportunity.

So again, please slow down and give UVA a chance. Love the school that loved you! Best of luck. I hope you will return a year from now and tell us how much you love UVA.


School prestige as a golden ticket is a myth created by the rankings. Students who excel anywhere do better than students who don’t at prestigious schools. Opportunities are given to those who amass a record of achievement IN college.

Couple that with the fact that you’re already in a prestigious school, and you’ll do fine if you take advantage of the opportunities there and perform well. Those who are advising you otherwise are giving you bad information.


Your family are idiots. UVA is a very fine school.


Interesting. So you have no issue with UVA. You are thinking of leaving because others tell you it’s not prestigious.

That’s sad because it’s arguably the most prestigious public school in the country and typically a top 25 overall and often higher depending on who ranks. If you’re making a decision solely on prestige, you’d be making a huge mistake.

If it’s not right for you, review your terms and talk to them. Typically a conversation with an admissions counselor can yield you the necessary info. No one will be upset for asking the question.

But I’m not sure you can find a more prestigious school.

As for ED, that’s a choice and not necessarily the right one. No one forced you or would force you again to apply ED.

I think you should think about what you want, know that 98% of students in this country would love to get into a school of this caliber…yes some people choose it over the Ivies and if you decide it’s not right for you, call a counselor and seek a release. My guess is it won’t be an issue.

But you take a lot of risk.

Good luck.

It is NOT the same for all colleges. You need YOUR college’s policy.

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The folks telling you this are very misinformed. UVA is a fabulous college. In every way. And by the way…prestige isn’t all that matters. What YOU do as a student actually matters more.

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