Are You for Gay Marriage?

<p>are you for gay marriage?</p>

<p>^interesting for a first post, im going to avoid commenting on this thread.</p>

<p>not this...</p>


<p>You did comment on this thread..</p>

<p>This could get interesting.</p>

<p>I'll bite: yes.</p>

<p>round one! fight! <em>rings bell</em></p>

<p>I'm amused by the fact that this is your first post.</p>

<p>But, yes, I'm 100% pro-marriage equality for all.</p>

<p>I'm against it b/c marriage should solely be between a man & a woman.</p>

<p>^ laaaaame, I can get married by Elvis in Las Vegas to a man I couldn't care less about tonight. Marriage lost any religious sanctity a long time ago, people now make it more religious than it actually is, it's a paper allowing visitation rights in hospitals, easier adoption, financial unity, the same last name, and legally being husband and wife. Husband and husband, wife and wife, they love each other than let 'em get the equal paper work.</p>

<p>i am against gay marriage. call me a typical kentuckian or a redneck, but this is what i believe and i'm sticking to it. i am currently unopen to argument on this thread, thank you.</p>

<p>^^then don't comment...</p>

<p>Love is love, whether between two men, two women, or a man and a woman. Even if one's personal beliefs are against gay marriage, what difference does it make to them if a gay couple gets married? It's not like they're personally affected by it. There is absolutely no justification for gay marriage being outlawed in a 21st century secular democracy.</p>

<p>^there is a justification... it offends the anti-gay marriage people!!</p>

^^then don't comment...


OP didn't declare an argument, just to state your belief. which i did, unlike you.</p>

<p>at #12: I want that wedding cake</p>

<p>i believe in gay marriage because Hitler believed in opposite-sex marriage.</p>

<p>I'm all for it.
Why some ******* human beings think they have the right to keep OTHER HUMANS from a piece of paper is totally beyond me.</p>

<p>Even the Idea of same-sex marriage is absurd to me. I don't hate gay people but being homo is already bad as it is. I don't see why society today is trying to integrate homosexuality as the norm.When it obviously isn't.</p>

<p>Why should they even go through the trouble of getting married anyway...I see no point in that.</p>

<p>I don't really believe in marriage as anything valuable beyond the fact that it simplifies some legal matters. Apart from that I believe that everyone should be free to love whomever they love, so yeah I am all for gay marriage.</p>