Are you going to prom?

<p>What are your plans? Those who have already gone: tell us first-time potential prom attendees what everything is like - asking season, making plans, shopping, after prom, etc. :)</p>

<p>I went to my neighborhood high school's prom last year and I'm going to my center school's prom this year. Both years, I've gotten a dress before I found a date, haha. Usually once I find someone to go with, I just tell him what color tie to get and leave the rest up to him. I don't really care whether or not we do the whole corsage/pin tradition, but we did last time because my mom insisted.</p>

<p>Last year, a friend of mine asked me to go with him. I said yes because we're the type of friends who go to movies sometimes just the two of us, but don't actually date, and we always have a pretty good time. The day of, he rode with his parents to my house and we took pictures in my backyard. Then we met up with the group he was in at another girl's house. There was a fairly nice dinner prepared for us and some parents took pictures. Then we split up into cars and went. It actually wasn't too bad. The kids in my group weren't really the type of people I could see myself fitting in with, so I ended up dancing with my date and some people I more often associated with. There were a few chocolate fountains and a punch bar surrounding the ballroom, so when they were playing really crappy songs, we went over and chatted with the people near the food. After prom, I didn't really hang out with any of them. I had a choir concert the following morning so I thanked my date and we kind of just left it at as a good time to remember. I don't have as many friends at that school. It's no big deal.</p>

<p>I'm expecting for this year's prom to be much more fun. People at my center school can actually dance, and most of my best friends will be there. It's also my senior year. I broke the bank on my dress this time - it's a designer ensemble I bought in NYC and it's gorgeous! My freshman friend who's on prom committee asked to go with me "as friends" - I said that it would be awesome and we could probably go together but I'm going to have to sort out a deal with prom groups so we'll see. That basically means that I was maybe hoping to go with a certain senior friend of mine, haha... That might not work though so I'll probably end up going with my little freshie, which is fine - all my friends love him. =) It's going to be really interesting though because it's going to be at the Science Museum. I still don't know what group I'm with or if there's a school-hosted afterparty, but either way, can't wait =D</p>

<p>Prom at the science museum sounds absolutely amazing! I have no idea where our school's will be this year. What is the dancing usually like at prom? I'm a girl, and kind of feel self-conscious with</p>

<p>Junior Prom baybeee</p>

<p>There are always going to be the majority of kids grinding and getting down and whatnot... I mostly stay away from the heat of that and dance with my friends who don't care how low I can get and don't expect me to get all up on a bunch of guys. I guess it depends on your group of friends, really.</p>

<p>lol most of the fellow juniors are in a grinding phase right now; I hope it isn't too bad at prom. if I it really worth going junior year?</p>

<p>I'd say it's totally worth going if you have a nice group of friends who are going to be there. I also just like the excuse to buy a fancy dress x)</p>

<p>I'd probably kick myself in the future for not attending my senior prom, so going to prom is a must! Even if dateless (; (Although, it's be really great if I could find a date). I haven't prepared to go dress shopping yet, but it seems like every girl at my school already has. I'm just waiting for that perfect opportunity to seek a great dress that's unique because, god forbid I end up wearing the same dress as someone else! Our prom is going to held at a country club--eh, nothing fancy. Most of the HS senior years have held them at this same country club several times. However, last year the seniors were able to rent the Gillette Stadium. Crazy! I have nothing prepared. No groups arranged yet, no dress, plans, etc. Eh, whatever. I still have until late May to think about it :)</p>

<p>Prom was great for me, and I usually hate dancing. I was super nervous before I was asked, but since I was asked fairly early, all was well. I went with a friend (he actually had a long-distance girlfriend) and it was really fun.</p>

<p>I'm super excited for this year now that I don't have the nervousness of who I'll go with (bf) so now I can just focus on my dress and gossiping about everyone else's dates.</p>

<p>LOL I asked my friend quite late to junior prom last year, but it worked out and it was pretty fun. Any tips for more creative ways to ask this year?</p>

<p>Prom sounds amazing. Dancing is awesome, but keep grinding at a respectable number. I know who I want to ask me, but if that doesn't work out...I suppose I'll take the initiative here and do it myself.</p>

<p>how does everyone get asked? what do you have to do?</p>

<p>Haha, I got asked over text this year but it was cute :) I went to junior prom last year with a guy whom my parents hated and whom I ended up breaking up with horribly. So I have bitter memories about prom. But I can already tell this year's going to be so much better...though there is an awkwardness factor that my date is one of my friend's ex</p>

<p>imagine going to an all girls school and trying to find a date..hah. and i don't want to ask one of my best friends and make it awk!</p>

<p>Lol, SATdestroyer, my prom date went out with two of my friends... who I helped set him up with way back when... And <em>my</em> ex is probably also coming in our group... funtimes.</p>

<p>@happilyhelen - oh that is so awkward...</p>

<p>@happilyhelen lol :)</p>

<p>I'm going to junior prom this year- probably going with my bf:) Does junior prom suck or should I wait till next year??</p>

<p>Personally, I am a huge James Bond fan and therefore would never miss an opportunity to go to a very formal-dress event ;)</p>

<p>Oh, and my date is much more beautiful than anyone Bond ever had.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, it does not seem that I will have a covert operation to undertake whilst at prom. You can't win 'em all.</p>

<p>To samlovesbtr- absolutely go to junior prom :)</p>

<p>@joshmay94, awww! Haha. "James Bond" would make an awesome prom theme. I wish we knew what our theme is, but it won't be released for another month. Do you know yours?</p>