Are you guys gonna live in a dorm or off campus????

<p>A question for you junior transfers. </p>

<p>Do a lot of junior transfers live in dorms?</p>

<p>Please respond</p>

<p>If I get into Cal, I'm going to stay away from the dorms. I stayed up there with a friend over Vet's Day weekend, and, ridiculously, we were busted twice in the same night by a crazy R.A.</p>

<p>Though I doubt most R.A.s are crazy like this one, I would rather not take the chance.</p>

<p>I'd definitely like to live in a dorm for convenience. I'm worried that there is little room for transfers though...anyone know?</p>

<p>@seanoh definitely off campus for me.</p>

<p>@bricies what did you guys get busted for if you don't mind sharing?</p>

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<p>The campuses I've researched have guaranteed housing for transfers so I'd assume a good chunk of junior transfers live on campus. I'm planning on living on campus mostly for the convenience.</p>

<p>That's a relief, thanks, and I bet most students who entered as freshman are probably dying to live off-campus by their junior year so a lot of space is created.</p>

<p>That and some campuses have housing just for transfer students. I've only looked at irvine and sd so far but I'm sure other campuses have something similar.</p>

<p>I would consider transfer housing but I rescued a pup last year and there is no way I'm giving him up, so I have to live off campus.</p>

<p>If I stay at UCI, I'll probably live off campus. If I get into UCLA, I'll probably have to live off campus too, or commute (my original intention). It'll have to depend on what kind of offers I get (I really want an University apartment).</p>

<p>Why is everyone living off campus?! I always thought living on campus dorms is the shiet. But then I remember you have to share the bathroom.</p>

<p>^^ with the whole transfer community or just your roommates?? and I want to live on campus for at least one semester. if we get approved for the blue and gold plan can it go towards our housing expenses??</p>

<p>^^I would prefer my own room because its more convenient. Don't have to worry about waking up the room mate; and etc.</p>

<p>that didn't answer either of my questions</p>

<p>my friend said cal poly Pomona had bathrooms for the whole transfer community to share.. and he said they were disgusting. do uc's have individual bathrooms in the dorms or one giant bathroom like cal poly?</p>

<p>^^I thought you were asking if I was going to get a room mate?! I guess I misread it. And I'm not sure about the Blue and Gold plan :/</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I think Blue & Gold covers only your tuition, which is like half of the cost of going to a university (and that's me being generous). I had a friend from last year who got a full ride to UCLA with a non-stellar GPA of 3.8ish, but I never asked how. I guess your safest bet is to apply to a bunch of other scholarships.</p>

<p>Sorry, but I think dorm is for freshman, we are junior standing adult style, rent an apartment is better. Thats my opinion. You guys are welcome to stab at it XDDD</p>

<p>eew csu's and 1 bathroom for everyone lol</p>

<p>im def going to dorm. And there are bathrooms for 2, 4, 3 or or less than that depending on where you dorm maybe even 1 bathroom for 1 person... usually freshman are the ones that have to share almost everything lol</p>

<p>I'm hoping for dorms, preferably in some kind of apartment style.</p>

<p>^ for uc davis, only for incoming transfer students, you can live in an apartment of 2 bedrooms each with their own bathrooms or an apartment with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom.</p>

<p>UC</a> Davis Student Housing: Transfer Students - Single Student Apartment Option</p>

<p>i like the adobe one... 3 bedrooms each with their own bathroom!! <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>the arlington one loooks beautiful</p>

<p>In contrast, at UCSC 9 people share 3 bathrooms! or 2 people share a bedroom and 1 bathroom.</p>

<p>For UCSB you are not guaranteed apartment housing</p>