Are you ready for the Nov 1 EA/ED deadline?

TOMORROW is the EA/ED application deadline for lots of schools including Baylor, MIT, NYU, Northeastern, Purdue, or the Ivies.

Did you submit your application yet? Take the poll below and let us know in your school’s dedicated thread.

Are you ready for the Nov 1 EA/ED deadline?
  • already submitted
  • submitting by EOD tomorrow
  • applying early, but it’s not due tomorrow
  • not applying early

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Congrats, @COMom3! :clap: :clap: Fingers crossed! Where did you apply?

Congrats, @MAmomto4 ! :clap: :clap: Fingers crossed! Where did you apply?

Congrats, @ducky22 and @mom59! :clap: :clap: Wishing you luck!

My son has turned his application to Princeton. He is missing a teacher recommendation, so his application is reading incomplete. Do you think Princeton will still evaluate his application?

Princeton does allow LORs to come in after the deadline

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Thanks! I now think the teacher is actually turning it in on time, but I was feeling some stress there…I appreciate your reply.


Congrats to everyone who applied already! :clap: :clap: We wish you luck!


I just submitted my ED application to St. John’s college.


Congrats, @Daniel_Shitandi! Best of luck!

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Applied to Georgia tech, Cal tech , USC yesterday, he has started receiving portal activation links


Congrats, @phemrajani! :clap: :clap:

Applied ED as a recruited athlete to Clark University (MA). accepted and awarded top merit scholarship .


Congrats, @GKmom23! That’s a stunning achievement :clap: :clap:

Congratulations (1)

So often the success of college process is measured by outcomes and way we navigate all of the steps along the way. I hope the CC community can be a place where we can celebrate all the milestones and accomplishments that we DO control over, not just the ones that are left up to others to decide.

So a BIG heartfelt congratulations to all of those who submitted your early applications yesterday! Think of all you had to do just to get to that point?! No matter what comes next, I hope you soak in this moment and feel happy and proud that you’ve come this far.

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