Are You Required to Take Placement Tests if you Get Accepted to Schools Like Stanford?

HI! I was just wondering if I got into Stanford or any other college- do they require you to take a placement test? Also, do you have to take a foreign language class in college??

“any other college” it matters based on the college.

Stanford, well, the Internet is a wondrous thing…

It depends on the college; many require at minimum a math and foreign language placement test. Some may require a writing test. For colleges with a foreign language requirement for graduation, if you do not score high enough on the placement test, or are otherwise exempted, then yes, you have to take a foreign language class in college. As each college is unique, you should check out the websites for the colleges that interest you.

Many schools REQUIRE placement exams, while at some schools you only need to take the placement exam for certain classes you are going to take (e.g. foreign language). Lastly, foreign language requirement depends on the school or program. For instance, UMich LSA requires foreign language but not CoE.

Stanford will accept the SAT subject test for foreign lang.