Are you sending mid-year reports?

My DS applied RD to RIT and they have not requested mid-year grades officially, and they haven’t asked for them on the portal. I’ve seen that they sometimes request them for ED applicants if they are being deferred - anyone know if they require them for RD applicants? Have any RD applicants been asked to send them? Thanks!

My daughter applied RD too and she has not been asked for them. She received a mailed paper letter on Friday that said although official decisions will be online, admissions feels she is a good fit. It said a favorable opinion usually means she will be accepted and remember to watch the portal. It was a little odd.

My thought was they might want her mid year grades to make sure they didn’t tank before the official acceptance, but she hasn’t been asked for them…yet.

Interesting, thanks. I heard about the “likely letters” last year as well - definitely seems like an unusual way of handling likely acceptances. Does her school automatically send mid-year grades or do you have to request?

I’m not sure. URI and RPI also want midyear grades, but 2nd term doesn’t end until the 27th for us.

Gotcha. URI didn’t request them from him. It’s a lot to navigate! Good luck to your daughter!

We got email last week requesting for Mid year grades from RIT … applied RD on Nov-20th


You can check on portal as well it should be Red X with awaiting mid year grades

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