Are your parents paying?

<p>I was reading a post and it made me think about this. Are your parents paying for college or are you? I know personally, I have to pay for my education. When I tell people this they are usually shocked as if they expected my mom to pay for it. I understand why I have to pay for my education. For one, it's MY education. The other thing is that my mom has her own debts to pay off and I wouldn't want to burden her with having to pay for my college. How do you guys feel about this? Do you think paying for college is the parents job or is it ours?</p>

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<p>You're not alone! I'm also paying for college. I have to work and strictly limit my spending, since I don't want any loans whatsoever. I wish that I didn't have to, but it's okay. I think it's a good idea that the students pay, because I don't want to get out of college expecting everything to be paid for. And this way, we're more independent. I'm paying for myself, so even if I decide to do some "unapproved" major, it's not like funding will get cut off. </p>

<p>You still in HS?</p>

<p>Yeah in still in HS. I'm about to be a sophomore. I know exactly what you mean. This way I can choose to go to whatever college I want and whatever major without having approval. </p>

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<p>As a parent I want to help my child pay for school. We set limits and told him we would support his choice of school but for costs above in-state rates he was responsible. We want him to go to college. He has gotten scholarships to pay fill tuition and then some. We are happy to pay room/board. My parents helped me with college. My husband paid his own way. Every situation is different.
I am impressed with you both who are doing it on your own. I wish you every success. You will do well in life!</p>

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Well since you're still a soph, I'd recommend to start saving now. Get a job if you can (even just babysitting or yardwork) and put the majority of it into a savings account. If you can even do this, get some of it into a Certificate of Deposit, which'll give you a higher interest rate as long as you don't touch the money for a given amount of time. Start keeping an eye out for scholarships. Remember that colleges won't look at <em>your</em> income, but your parents' income for financial aid purposes. I learned that the hard way.</p>

<p>My parents said that they'd be able to afford 4 years of in-state tuition + 4 years of med school for me. Anything over that, and I would be responsible.</p>

<p>EDIT: Just to clarify... let's say I wanted to go to JHU (private), I would have to pay pretty much for all of med school.</p>

<p>My parents will pay for 4 years, but nothing more.</p>

<p>my parents will pay for
4 years and I will have to pay for my Masters. They got this college Illinois plan where it locks in tuition rate when they graduated so I hope and want to go to UiuC so it will be really cheap for

<p>They'll pay for as much as they can for four years. They could pay more, but then there'd be nothing left for my brothers.</p>

<p>My parents said theyd pay for all of everything..personally i think thats not gonna let them pay for so much</p>

<p>My family's ideal is that I take at maximum my federal Stafford loans. So I pay $25,000+interest, they pay the rest. We're expecting some financial aid.</p>

<p>When my parents went to school, the work that they did during the summer and the loans that they took could account for half of their tuition. That's not true today.</p>

<p>I'll return the favor someday by paying for my own kids' education.</p>

<p>I am lucky enough so my parents can afford to pay for both my sister and my university fees and probably help us if grad school if we choose that path. I plan to take on a part time job and pay for my own extra expenses though :O</p>

<p>My dad says he's giving me an interest free loan. And he also hates my major (International Relations), which I would never change. He himself only got an AA so it ****es me off.</p>

<p>Gonna be a junior in high school and im gonna take a loan but my parents ar
E gonna pay for some of it. I have to save up too though so its a little bit of all 3</p>

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<p>Any money that my parents had (which they didn't) for college was just spent on their divorce. Sooo, loans and scholarships for this kid! Probably my three siblings too.</p>