Area around Vassar?

I’m going to apply to Vassar this year (: however, I haven’t found anything on the area around it. Is the area around the campus safe/nice? Thank you so much!

Arlington, the area immediately around Vassar is pleasant- small shops, some restaurants, campus bookstore, etc… As you get farther from the campus and into Poughkeepsie proper (depending on what direction you go) you get into some run-down / not lovely areas which might feel sketchier than they are (depending on what you are used to).

Everything in easy walking distance should feel fine to you. If you aren’t bringing a car there are ZIP cars on campus, which makes it easy to get around the area.

My collegekid daughter always felt safe and loved the beautiful areas both on campus and the hiking around the area :slight_smile:

Awww thank you so much!!!