Argumentative Analysis Paper

OKAY SO, I have rewritten this paper a couple of times do but I feel like I am summarizing rather than analyzing? I could be feeling this way because I have rewritten my essay so much. However, I need a new set of eyes to tell me if my essay is clear and representative of an analytical argument. Also, I need a counter argument but I have not been able to come up with one because I don’t think the narrative that I choose really allows for a good argument, or one that will benefit my essay if I incorporate it. I also have not looked for grammar mistakes that much because I am just trying to make sure that this dang thing makes sense and will meet the requirements of an analytical essay. The text I choose was Anzia Yezierska’s “Father and Mother”, a short story about a girl and her family while living in America in the early 20th century.

SO THE QUESTION I REALLY MEAN TO ASK IS… can someone read my essay and tell me if it makes sense and has clear thesis? also if there could be a counter argument that would be so very helpful.

Thank you all!!