Arizona State Admissions Fall 2022 - Class of 2026

Thank you @martinezcs and @NJEngineerDad ! He has the prompt and will start the essay right away. Great idea to send the link to his letter writers now. Good clarification that he can complete the Barrett app asap - but he will still need an admission decision by Nov. 1 so the Barrett app is considered complete. I also read that they expedite Barrett decisions for NMSF, but not clear if the admissions decision will happen any faster than usual. Fingers crossed!


My daughter received her asu acceptance less than two weeks after submission.

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Has anyone got merit scholarship yet? I heard ASU used to send merit info along with admission decision… DD was admitted to CS a few weeks ago but there was no mention of scholarship in the letter. She’s national merit semifinalist. Not sure if we need to wait till February when finalists are announced.

Same. I think they provide all the financial info later now. I’ve heard UofA still does it with admissions. If you look in the financial section in myasu it has steps and the scholarships and aid come after filing the FAFSA now. We show we are in step 3 of the financial process. We won’t receive any aid but she is a national Hispanic scholar and gets the full tuition scholarship too.

We won’t receive need-based aid and I’m not sure if FAFSA is required now.

We won’t receive aid either. Our income is too high. Just the scholarship. I know national merit scholars aren’t finalized till later but College board national recognition program scholars have already been announced (aug 31) and ASU has the list but we haven’t received the scholarship info from ASU yet either.

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To the best of my knowledge, FAFSA is not required for the National Scholar merit scholarship at ASU, but I strongly suggest that you do it anyway because you might be eligible for additional scholarships that require it (including external scholarships).

My son is now in his third year at ASU, and our experience has been that the formal financial package including merit is communicated around March.

However, you may receive a letter later this October explaining what you are eligible for as a National Scholar.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services | Arizona State University (


Keep your eye on the Finances tab in myasu. It has a financial aid and scholarships section. You can see the status of everything there.


Has anyone applied to Barrett and received acceptance yet? Daughter applied to Barrett 10/3 but has not been moved to review yet.

ASU updated their scholar experience page with virtual information sessions about Barrett honors college.


My daughter’s Barrett application was completed on 10/6 and it is still not moved to review.

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Just wanted to update to say my S22 who applied on Oct. 10 was just admitted! We were really hoping it would be quick, so he can have a complete Barrett app by Nov. 1. Thanks for the encouragement @martinezcs and @NJEngineerDad !


It looks like you are not an Arizona Resident? If so, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ASU changed their scholarships for out of state students yesterday. If you are counting on the full tuition scholarship as we were, check it out.
Info here:

Calculator here:
Check out the new scholarship estimator calculator and see what it says for your student.

The new scholarship estimator has now doubled our net cost. Previously our estimated cost was $17,000 for room and board. Now it is $31,000 for half tuition, room and board with only a $15,500 president scholarship. Plus Barrett costs an additional $2,000/year. My daughter has now crossed ASU off the list.

The national scholars full tuition scholarship is for Arizona residents now. Non residents are only eligible for a partial scholarship.

They now distinguish between Arizona Scholars and Non resident scholars.


I have mixed feelings.

First of all, congrats! But the bad news from @martinezcs are sadly real.

As your son got admitted to ASU, I would still go ahead and complete the Barrett app by November 1st.

While I assume that ASU’s decision to discontinue the National Scholar merit scholarship for non-residents is final, it remains unclear if the President award will stay at its current level or be significantly increased to match the offering from University of Arizona. Should it be significantly increased, then the discontinuation of the National Scholar merit scholarship for non-residents might be mitigated.

Talking about University Arizona, that might be a good backup plan…

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Good point. We have mentally crossed ASU off but it is still possibility because she has been admitted to ASU and Barrett is pending. So should the financial award come through larger than the estimator then it would be a possibility still and a very welcome surprise!


Yes, you should only cross ASU off the list with a pencil for now as they might attempt to mitigate the blow within the next few weeks/months by adjusting scholarship amounts or offering supplemental scholarships, especially to early birds.

That said, of course, there is a very real possibility that the financial award will end up disappointing.


Oh boy - we are OOS. Thank you so much for letting me know. We will have to carefully consider the finances. The tuition scholarship was definitely a big part of the attraction and feasibility!

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You may want to apply to the Grady & Kathryn Gammage Memorial Scholarship. It is currently only $4K but it could be used to supplement the President’s scholarship. (Similarly to how University of Arizona offers and extra few Ks to NMS on top of their current GPA-based award).

Barrett Scholarships | Barrett, The Honors College (


Thank you very much - $4000 could definitely help!


Well, that really telescopes things. S22 is a NMSF. He applied to ASU and Barrett because of the generous scholarships. He has been admitted at A&M and getting the royal treatment from Bama. Though admitted to ASU, it will likely drop from the list…and we planned to fly into Arizona to visit. Now, not much of a point.