Arizona State? UNC School of the Arts?

<p>What can you guys tell me about these two schools' film programs? I know ASU has a relatively new film degree. </p>

<p>*Arizona State, not to be confused with Arizona.</p>

<p>you are playing same pipes all along yet people answering about their fav schools only.
it happens all the time.
there is a old sage poster named Nester, knows about UNC and used to be more active in the film area. search this forum or send PM. </p>

<p>I only know about visual art program at Arizona Tucson, which was not at all for what have been advertised. the kid I know finished the degree anyway, for it was in state cheap.
it seems that you want to stay near home or in the South?
^^ all other folks do have point. those top schools would like to have non CA/LA or non East Coast kids, so they can boast about being diverse.
and they are loaded, to give away scholarships and grants for real good student, merit/need mixed.
have you been to those cities? if you did how you like them? if not, give it a chance.</p>

<p>I don't really care if I "stay near home or in the South". Location doesn't matter to me all that much as long as the school I go to has good opportunities.</p>

then issue is public or private? so far you've asked only about public schools, no?
where did you do film camp? </p>

<p>people often say good private school with scholarships and grants are sometimes less expensive than out of state public school.
for visual art schools, it doesn't usually work that way.
but film school within universities are better, I bet.
if I remember correctly, this nice mom named madbean's kid goes to USC full tuition for full four years.
again, search the forum. some posters fades away after awhile and new kid would come and ask same thing. by then whoever around would answer the same thing about same schools they love but not much else, then thread dies eventually.</p>