Arizona Tuition Award vs. Arizona Recognition Award

Can someone clarify the difference between the 2? My D20 applied last week. We have seen the emails regarding tuition breaks (we are OOS). She fits in the $35,000 category (4.0 and SAT of 1500). Today she was accepted and she was given the Arizona Recognition Award of $8000. What is that? Is it different? Does the $35K tuition award only applicable if you get into the Honors College (which is she applying for now that she got the acceptance). Thanks for the clarification.

If you haven’t sent the official ACT or SAT scores in yet, you won’t see the correct scholarship amount until they receive them and get them processed. They will send out a new letter once the scholarship changes. Also, with an $8,000 per year offer, your student fits into the 3.75-3.99 GPA range. Is the 4.0 that you’re mentioning a weighted GPA? It’s the unweighted GPA that is used for the chart, so if your student does have a 3.75-3.99 UW GPA, then $30,000 per year would be the maximum possible scholarship.

Also, admission to the Honors College does not change the amount of the automatic merit award.

Did her award letter come with her acceptance letter?

The award is listed on the acceptance letter, as long as they have received the ACT/SAT at the time of acceptance.

Hmm. My daughter should be eligible but there is no award in her letter. I’m pretty sure they’ve received her scores, too.

Yup, they have her scores. And I just looked at the chart. She should be eligible for somewhere between $18,000 and $20,000. based on scores and GPA.

My daughter initially received the $10,000 award in a letter because they did not have her test scores yet. We just today received a letter in the mail breaking down all her costs and can see the $35,000. There did seem to be a little delay in the scholarship being updated. She had called her admissions officer at one point and he could see it was updated on his side but we didn’t see it yet. The admissions officer was quite helpful.