ARML vs SAT (People who know ARML!!)

<p>I'm junior have a decision to make, either participating in American Regional Mathematics League in Las Vegas or take SAT..</p>

<p>I'm in SoCal ARML team.. I don't know what division I'm going to be on. I was in team B2 (lowest out of four.. Division B team 2) last year. This year, I'm the first waitlisted for team A2 (Division A team 2) which is the second best team.. I'm now in B1 but I might probably move up. (Team A1 is bunch of USAMO people.. They are top 10 in nation, but A2 team's not that great great.)</p>

<p>Anyway, I'm pres of math club at school and participated in AIME for 3 years (never made USAMO..) Would it be worth going to ARML to show my performance in math to college or retake SAT (got 1990 on first one TT..) and get better score? Before I heard date of the ARML, I thought about taking SAT1 in june and take US history and World History in senior year. (So far I have 800 on Math 2 and Korean, 770 on chem, and took physics yesterday). I have high GPA and I'm aiming for Ivies, and my weakness is SAT cuz I suck at English (Came to America during second sem of freshman year from Korea). What do you guys think? Because most of the AP classes fool around after AP exam, I think there will be plenty of time to study for SAT until june. Should I take SAT or go to Vegas with ARML team?</p>

<p>Go to Vegas. I have no clue what ARML is though, so take that into account.</p>

<p>I had the same decision to make, I went to ARML for last 2 years from CT but this year I did not even do the run off because I wanted to focus more on SAT since that has a lot more weightage for college (Previous SAT score was 2130, need to get around 2250 since I am also applying for Ivies, I think I got it on this March one though). Also, ARML is kind of important but AIME/USAMO is more appealing to colleges, I heard if you made it to USAMO you have a much higher chance of getting into MIT than a kid who didn't. So I guess it is up to you but make sure you do well on your SAT's. A score of 1990 is not very compeitive for someone applying to Ivies, if I were you, I would not risk getting a less then expected score on the June SAT. So in my opinion, I think you should stay and just work on the SAT's. But, if you are confident that you will do well on the SAT's in June, then it should be fine to go to ARML. </p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Yeah .. Ivies are my highest reach.. I'm aiming for at least 2100... Maybe I should try practice SAT after AP exams and decide or sth..</p>

<p>You don't necessarily have to choose. If your school agrees to fax a letter for you to the College Board by May 20, you can go to the ARML competition on June 4 and take the June 4 SAT and/or SAT subject tests at your school sometime during the week of June 6. Here's the ARML website with info about the SAT/ARML conflict and how to get around it: </p>

<p>The</a> Official American Regions Mathematics League Web Site</p>

<p>Click on "SAT CONFLICT INFORMATION" on the left side of the page.</p>

<p>^Sorry, you're about a year and 2 weeks late on that.</p>

That's hilarious.</p>