Army JROTC honor unit nomination?

<p>I know that USMA will allow other services JROTC programs to obtain nominations through them given that they are Honor Units With Distinction, however I have not heard such word from USAFA or USNA. I sorta found mention of it in the USAFA PCQ Booklet, and it says Army ROTC and later USAFA JROTC, but the ambiguous way in which it uses it makes me curious. I am really interested in using my Army JROTC unit to obtan a nomination if at all possible anyone know anything about this? If so how would I obtain such paperwork to file for this nomination? any help would be greatly appreciated</p>


<p>You can obtain a nomination through JROTC, but it is extremely difficult, from my understanding, since there are only about 10 or so the Academy can give out.</p>

<p>My reccomendation to you is to apply for it, but make sure you apply for the congressional and senatorial ones...those are your best bet. </p>

<p>Basically, don't put all your eggs in one basket...and if you do, you better not drop it. :P</p>

<p>I believe with USMA, you automatically receive a nomination if your in A JROTC Honor Unit With DIstinction no matter what service but only about 20 of these actually receive appointments, are yuo saying this is same case at USAFA or are you saying that the nomination itself isn't even automatic and does it matter what service JROTC you are in? thanks again</p>