Army ROTC Chances

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>New here, and just wondering what you all think my chances are at receiving an Army ROTC Scholarship when I apply this coming spring. (Im only a junior in HS)</p>

<p>-4.25 GPA
-Projected SAT score of 1850-2100
-National Honor Society
-Spanish Honor Society
-Super Intendants Diploma of Distinction
-PFT score in the range of 280-300
-Ultimate Frisbee Club
-Varsity Swimming(1 yr)
-Varsity Tennis(3 yrs and counting)
-Varsity Cross Country(1 yr)
-Ocean Rescue Lifeguard
-Private Tennis Coach
-Mission Trip/Lots of local volunteering </p>

<p>As well, what can I improve on to better my chances? Of course I still have a while, so I don't know about being a future captain on a team or anything like that, but any advice is welcome. Mucho Gracias!</p>

<p>yeah try to take more leadership roles but i think you’ll do just fine</p>

<p>You are a shoe in. I didn’t apply for an ROTC scholarship but received one after getting denied from West Point and being a “fully qualified candidate”. I’m now a sophomore in college with an ROTC scholarship. Good luck!</p>

<p>go rotc!!!</p>