Army ROTC program

<p>Does anyone here have any experience with the ROTC/Corps of Cadets program at Virginia Tech?</p>

<p>And for those who don't have any experience but had friends/knew people in the program, what were their lives like? Did they lead pretty restricted lives? Little partying, must go to sleep early, always accounted for in the sense that you constantly have to check in, etc.</p>

<p>Oi, I am interested in this as well. Hopefully we'll get rampant responses.</p>

<p>I'm not in the Corps of Cadets but I did live with them in the Upper Quad this past year in Monteith. Yes, as a freshman your first year is pretty restricted. You have to be in your room by 11 PM and wake up early at I believe 5 AM? If you need to enter or leave your cadet dorm during ECQ, you have to check in/checkout at the entrance. During the first few weeks all freshmen have to sound off to upperclassmen cadets and they can't speak to each other while on the upper quad. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>What about the upperclassmen, do you know whether their lives were as restricted?</p>

<p>The upperclassmen don't have it as bad as the freshmen but they do have to wake up at 5, they can't fraternize with the freshmen cadets, upperclassmen also have to check in during ECQ, etc. I'm sure they're able to get out more and party as upperclassmen but being a cadet obviously has its restrictions.</p>

<p>Im a rising junior in the VTCC and AFROTC. If you have any specific questions just PM me</p>

<p>I did it Freshman year. You won't have a life at all your first year. Sophomore-Senior years you 100% normal college student from noon Friday to Monday morning unless you have ROTC stuff on the weekends.</p>