Around 27 right on CR= a what?

<p>I omitted the rest and got the others wrong.</p>

<p>I *****ed up.</p>

<p>400-450....I'm being realistic here.</p>

<p>Maybe not even. It depends how many you got right. If you got 27 right, 40 wrong and your raw score was 17, you pretty much shouldn't worry what your score was because no matter what you have to retake it haha. Unless you feel you did well on math/writing, you might even want to cancel your scores.</p>

<p>Any chance to break 500?</p>

<p>it was my first time taking and I will retake it in October and November. I feel I destroyed the writing section, but Math was very difficult. So I'll just see what I get and just start studying over the summer. Why cancel it if I wont even get a refund.</p>

<p>True. Well hopefully you did better than expected. Good luck though man.</p>

<p>CB sends out your scores from every sitting of the test, so they will see this low reading score.</p>

<p>edit: they as in the colleges you are applying to</p>

<p>I didnt choose to send my scores to any school</p>

<p>They'll also see a massive improvement on the next test and not care about the first one. They might assume extenuating circumstances or something of that matter.</p>

<p>but what if they see a good writing score?</p>

<p>At least I can learn from my mistakes and try to get at least an 1800</p>

<p>Blue book range for raw score of 27 is 450-510. Depends on how many you missed and how many you left blank, I guess.</p>

<p>If you did well on your other sections, then do not cancel the score report. nukchebi0 is probably right in that they will assume extenuating circumstances if you score considerably higher on your next (they might guess that your bubbling got off track and therefore all your answers past a certain mark were wrong). However, if you think your other sections were just sub-par, then you ought to cancel your score to be safe.</p>