Arrival date

<p>Some hyper-active moms (mine incld) have already started reserving/buying transatlantic plane tickets, so i think this is a good moment to ask (as i haven't found the info anywhere):</p>

<p>is it ok if i arrive on campus on the 1st or 2nd? i will go OA, so i know that i have to get there before 2:30 on the 3rd, but will i be able to check in my room a few days earlier? </p>

<p>Honestly i suppose the answer is a hella-big YES, but i want to be sure.

<p>Nope. Room check-in begins at 8:30 on the morning of the 3rd. As much as we'd all like to get there ASAP, that's pretty much the rule they've set up. You can check into a hotel, though, and look at your room from afar :)</p>

<p>Sorry, you can't check into your room before the 3rd. Pavalon I don't suppose you are an American citizen: do you really think it's ok to miss International Pre-Orientation? Cuz if you do, I will reconsider OA.</p>

<p>Phil: Thaaaanks :o .... Hotel it will be, then... (seems the answer was a hella-big No)</p>

<p>Cevonia: i have some inside information ;) that intl pre is crapy crapy. Besides, i'm quite set on OA :rolleyes:. How about you?</p>

<p>Nothing will keep me away from OA! Gahhh!</p>

<p>I'll arrive on the first and stay with my sister first two days...that should be OK :)</p>

<p>hehe my mom is hyper active too :p</p>

<p>nice for you... i don;t even know where i am going...
Turns out my relatives in Canada want me to spend a few weeks with them this summer and then go to Princeton from Canada.</p>

<p>And sucharita, if room check-in begins on the 3rd where will your sister be staying on the 1st and 2nd?</p>

<p>"hyper active moms"... lol reminds me of someone...
when does pre orientation start? on the 3rd?</p>

<p>she is a grad student...</p>

<p>axfr: how about OA instead of pre? It's really an awesome trip! a? wha do ya say, huh? Join the fuuun! :D</p>

<p><em>continues efforts to persuade all 09ers to do OA</em></p>

<p>You guys have nearly convinced me... I'm seriously considering OA over intl pre-orientation... I'm going to have to ask my parents first, though</p>

<p>Yesssss!!! Sweet feeling of success! :D You're doing the right thing, cevonia ;)</p>

<p>And good luck with the talk with the parents...</p>

<p>Haha, so what would happen if enormously many freshmen would go on OA? Hypothetically... Would there be some woods swarming with 09ers? Haha, that's a funny image: groups bumping into each other etc.</p>

<p>Outdoor action in the woods of NJ.
Any of you know the legend of the Jersey Devil?</p>

<p>I don't. Could you enlighten me? :)</p>

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<p>and many more..... </p>

<p>enjoy outdoor action!</p>

<p>cool :D</p>

<p>Now I am definitely going for OA :D</p>

<p>Huh? Aren't you a girl? Aren't girls supposed to be afraid of things like this?</p>

My wife and I were scared, I tell you, but I managed to open the window and say, 'Shoo', and it turned around barked at me, and flew away."

I haven't ever seen a more ludicrous sighting legend, i tell you, hahaha... :D:D:D</p>

<p>all the photos of the creature are so unmistakenably funny...</p>

<p>Is it just me or does it look really cute?</p>

<p>it looks cute :)</p>

<p>yeah revan I'm a girl but I have been hardened by my school's bio field trips :)</p>

<p>Good to hear that Sucharita. I had just remembered this line from Seinfeld:</p>

<p>"Women are incredible. They can have their eyebrows pulled out one by one, they can pour hot wax over their legs and pull their hair out from its roots.... and still be afraid of spiders!"</p>