Arroyo Vista & Campus Village

<p>So... things haven't been going the way I wanted it to... I was about to live in Stanford Court, but residents dropped out, we have no one to live during the summer, etc.</p>

<p>Anyways.. I'm on the waitlist for AV, and was wondering if any previous AV residents have anything to say? Complaints? Advice? Perks? </p>

<p>Campus Village (Academic Year) was full so I couldn't apply for that... but if anyone can add anything for CV as well- that would be awesome.</p>

<p>I haven't lived in AV, but I've been over a few times. I'd describe it as very similar to dorming. There's a downstairs shared kitchen that has like 4 fridges but keeping track of your food depends on who lives in your hall. Also bathrooms are shared between your suite. Rent is cheap it's furnished and you don't need to buy a meal plan but if you can't cook you could always buy a meal plan. Its perks are that it's conveniently located next to the ARC and has shuttles running literally all around the community (green/yellow/orange).</p>

<p><em>cough</em> Marketplace</a> on Facebook | 458.75/month Stanford Court, Right next to UCI campus <em>cough</em></p>

<p>Haha our mutual friends are clifford and andrew. If you are willing to rent it out for the whole year I might be interested.</p>