Art and Math Colleges?

<p>My daughter is a junior and interested in Art/Math-possibly digital media arts or graphic arts. She does not want engineering-period. She has a 93 unweighted average-taking independent art (had to-at our school AP Stats and art are given at the same time), AP Stats, Honors Calc, etc-Next year will be in AP Art, AP Calc AB, AP Eco, AP French, etc. Having a very difficult time finding colleges that excel in both art and math-Looking into RPI's EMAC program; Pratt is great but does not have a lot of math; Carnegie Mellon or Emerson? How is BU's Center for Digital Arts? Any other ideas?</p>

<p>What about NYU--it might be hard to double major in art and math--but it may be possible. Gallatin is a way to go, so that you can create your own concentaration. Certainly a BFA in studio art (Steinhardt) and a minor in math is very doable.</p>

<p>Maybe Drexel</p>

<p>Believe it or not Northeasterm also has a program for math and art is taken at a different school</p>

<p>Most LACs have a math and an art program of some kind.</p>

<p>At many schools, double majoring in math and art is certainly possible.</p>

<p>Look at the claremont consortium</p>

<p>Williams has excellent math and studio art. Like many LACs, the art department is focused more on traditional media -- drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking. It's hard to find indepth graphic, digital, new media at small LACs or even most large universities. Creativity is, however, encouraged and students can often forge their own paths.</p>

<p>Bennington</a> College:Curriculum and Areas of Study </p>

<p>Bennington College in Vermont, very small undergrad population.
Students do a Field Work Program in Jan-Feb for seven weeks, so graduate with work experience. The school year ends in June because of Field Work.</p>