art at u delaware

<p>Dos anyone know anything about the art major (BFA) at Del. in terms of quality, size, etc.? Thanks.</p>

<p>yes! there are two subdivisions, visual communications (which has focuses in graphic design, advertising design, applied photography, illustration, and something with computers) and studio art (which has photography, painting, etc.). there is also a ba in fine arts which only requires something like 32 credit hours in the studio (bfa requires minimum 69 and fewer hours than the ba does in core subjects).</p>

<p>i went to a program last week on it and i attended the one on vc and my dad the one on studio art so i know more about vc.. my dad said that the program he attended was kind of weird, but i think mainly because the professor was a little out of it (some of the parents were getting pretty frustrated)-- the vc was really really impressive- but everyone takes the same foundation year so you wouldn't have to decide until the end of freshman year </p>

<p>visual communications is really competitive from what i read off of it, usually they start ~50 vc, and 50 sa but they make cuts... i think the vc is more intense and a lot of times kids switch over to sa when it gets to be too much, but they go through 3 major portfolio reviews, first one for admission, then one after your first year (which is generally 45-40 kids, this when you would decide either sa or vc) and one after your second year (30-35) but i don't think it is a surprise for kids who get cut (they keep some kind of ranking system which considers what your grades just in the art courses have been and whether or not these grades have been because of innovative ideas that have failed or ideas that lacked originality).. i mean i didn't feel like i needed to be worried about getting cut as long as i was doing everything i was supposed to be</p>

<p>i also went to the student juried art show which had good stuff, there were two students there who i talked to-- one who was in the studio art photography and one who had been in vc but switched to studio art because she had promised herself that if on the first day of vc she was completely stressed out she would switch--- the one girl goes it's good if you like competition, but on the plus side all of the students and professors who i talked to made it seem like after you graduate you will have 5+ job offers just because the program has the reputation as the best. the head prof of the vc said that he considered it a failure if a student goes on to a grad school because when you graduate you have all the skills you are going to need to be successful and you aren't going to need another degree to get where you want to</p>

<p>also, they have a killer study abroad program.. umm i dunno what else would you be visual comm or studio art? i have a whole page of notes somewhere so if you need more info let me know..</p>

<p>oh and the facilities were really nice also</p>

<p>prima - are you def going to u del? I am also considering risd, tyler and mica. heard that del is somewhat conservative.</p>

<p>I meant brinna!</p>

<p>The people I know in VC/Studio art have gone on to do AWESOME things. Their website is pretty awesome too. GL</p>

<p>yes.. (as of sunday) was also considering nyu, syracuse,& william&mary, but decided del, (unless i get off of some other lists, but even still i would have to think about it because i'm pretty satisfied with del..) last fall i wasn't completely certain if art was what i wanted to do so i applied to liberal arts schools rather than specialty-- but mica really impressed me with all of the stuff i got in the mail from them!!-- and obviously tyler & risd are tops- good luck on your choices!!
i really didn't get a conservative vibe when i was there-- actually, at the student show i was surprised by how different everything was piece by piece-- i mean i really didn't get one read as a whole either way which surprised me b/c it is a relatively small program (so you would think that it would mold one way or the other).</p>

<p>Delaware is actually pretty liberal which is great. Congrats on choosing Delaware! =)</p>

oops i thought modiam was talking art not politics before
but doesn't surprise me, it is a blue state..</p>